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street fighter menu

I love Street Fighter V, however, it's UI is extremely frustrating to use. It's bloated, complicated, has navigation holes, and doesn't do a lot to help. STREET FIGHTER 5 represents the franchise at its very best. Great gameplay, intuitive controls and detailed. Street Fighter Zero 3 (Brazilian Comic). The Brazilian Street Fighter Zero 3 comic is a mini-series (4 issues) based on Street Fighter.

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I kinda like how dark the menu is currently, it's easy on the eyes. It is very harsh on the eyes especially for people who prefer to game in dimly lit rooms. The third screen is already a lot better - the vibrant colors make the menu look a bit more attractive. In this design I imagined a high-res spinning globe, glistening with activity from players online, every now and then you'd see a "radar blip" with some fun nugget of data like a friend's match that just ended or a top player that just came online. I while your design is good and can work for a lot of things, I do not feel the it fits the tone of SFV in any way. It looks great, but I'd like a "nighttime" version, using a darker palette. Simply put, OP has done more work on the main menu theme than what Capcom even put into their own existing one. I do believe they'll listen - they usually are pretty good at hearing feedback. I love Street Fighter V, however, it's UI is extremely frustrating to use. I far prefer the white look to the black one as well. JavaScript is disabled You need to enable JavaScript to use SoundCloud Show me how to enable it.

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ULTRA Street Fighter IV - Main Menu Theme "B" street fighter menu SFV - Menu Redesign - what do you think? StreetFighter subscribe unsubscribe 50, readers users here now pocker spiele 2d 9h: I like the simplicity a lot. The goal of this exercise is to see if I could quickly simplify menu navigation and reduce cognitive load for the user - this is just one example of how Capcom could simplify the menu so that it really does work for the user. I might be the weird one here, but I kinda hope we never get win percentages up front and center like. A couple things to note: StreetFighter subscribe unsubscribe 50, readers users here now 1 2d 9h: Overview About Careers Press Contact Wikia. Subreddit Rules Mostly common sense. This is an archived post. Bonus Stage Stage Kousyu Street The Dojo of Rindo-Kan Rising Dragoon 3rd Strike Stages Street Fighter III Stages. There is no description yet. But once again, I'd like to emphasize that this looks awesome! StreetFighter subscribe unsubscribe 50, readers users here now 1 2d 9h: I'd be fine with anything that improves the useless clutter that is the current menu though. Sup guys and gals - here's another pass at re-imagining some of the Street Fighter V menu UIs. Street Fighter X Tekken Marvel vs.

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Anyone else have this? Versus and online play should be separated, it would be annoying for tournaments to have to press versus and then down 2 times or up for local. Ryu Final Street Fighter X G. Fighting games are one of the few game genre's that are easier for blind players to pick up. That shit is so old in the design world. This is IMO the best one so far. Besides that stuff and using more interesting fonts, I think it is a great start. You won't be able to vote or comment. StreetFighter RSS Browse for things to post! By signing up, you agree to our Terms and that you have take care of our Privacy Policy and Content Policy. Happy hweels Submissions This sub's most enjoyed content! Wow there's some great feedback in all your comments! I do think it's a valid concern for people who often play locally but let's be honest, the majority of sfv multi-player is likely online these days.




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